Saturday, June 7, 2014

River Safari - Part II

Sorry to those who are not animal lovers, this is the second and final post about my Zoo experience ;) But I really enjoyed it! A breeze of fresh air among all the city life here... Singapore Zoo has three different parts - Zoo, Night Safari and the new River Safari. I've been twice to Night Zafari and fully recommend it! It's a great experience to walk surrounded my animals on a warm cosy night of Singapore. Photos will be difficult to take because no flash is allowed to consider the animals' sensitive sight. River Safari presents the wildlife from the Amazon and other wet areas in the world. There are two ways of looking at Zoos - I always feel bad towards the caged animals, especially birds that can't fly and lonely animals... On the other hand without education about these sensitive species in the world, people would become even more ignorant to preserve the nature, recycle, give money to charity and so forth.

River Safari has both fishes and animals that live on the ground. As I told you before, Panda was the highlight of the Zoo :) It just took it easy, ate all it could find and munched bamboo lying on it's back. Just like me according to my husband ;)

X Ang Moh Chick

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