Sunday, March 2, 2014

Singaporean Wedding - Part II

Like I promised, here's pics I took at my husband's uni friend's wedding. It was quite a traditional Chinese Wedding with typical Chinese wedding food, two walk-ins with change of outfits in the middle and no wedding cake to eat! There's dessert of course but the inedible "fake cake" of Singaporean weddings always amazes me :D Overall gorgeous couple and a touching night!

Loved the idea that every guest could choose a souvenir photo of the couple :)

First walk-in is always with the white gown...

The menu is very typical Chinese wedding menu where every course has a meaning such as prosperity, longetivity or loving marriage.

Say Cheese!

Symbol of "Double happiness" of marriage

The fake cake :D

Congrats again Derek&Jocelyn!! :)

Dress: Tiger of Sweden

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Hi! It's interesting to read your observations about Singapore and your posts about the local wedding traditions :)

  2. Hi Kelly! We'll see if I'm gonna have a Singaporean wedding myself one day ;) We already had a tea ceremony in Finland but would be nice to keep a small dinner here too! x


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