Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Weekend in Photos

Here is my weekend in photos! Weekend is for total unwinding and I'm very reluctant to do anything that I'm not absolutely fond of (cleaning for example ;p). I want to spend my weekends doing things I love, things I'm passionate about and that give me energy for the coming week. Taking photos and blogging are definitely amond the things that recharge me for a new week! My husband on the other hand wants things to be organized before Monday which means lots of cleaning.... Eek. So I always drag my breakfast to lunch to snacking and reading blogs and magazines, drinking coffee with chocolate. And uups half of the day is gone! But well spent I can tell ya ;)

Morning after a gooood brunch means good strong coffee, home-made chocolate and a good magazine with restaurant tips, fashion or happy thoughts. Food for mind with food for body! I might have eaten a second portion after this pic.....

Like I wrote before, we both work long hours and dinners tend to be take-aways, can/packet food or something very fast prepared. Weekends are for cooking and as you can see, salmon has been the theme lately :D

Minced meat/veggie/bean mix with tortillas!

The traditional Singaporean Carrot Cake Breakfast!!

Planning for a HOLIDAY!! I'm sooooo excited!! Haven't been totally off for a year so it's certainly needed. More about the destination later :)

Missing my cats back in Finland and comforting myself by taking pics of these cute cats near my in-laws place!

Cooling myself on a hot hot day with some watermelon by my mum-in-law :)

Hope you've had a great and relaxing weekend!!

X Ang Moh Chick

Friday, March 21, 2014

Easy Fish Cake Recipe

You know how it's easy to eat the same foods day after day just because it's fast and you know how it's gonna taste like. Especially can&packet foods are my common go-to after a long day of work. I just want to get dinner in front of me fast and not start cooking for hours! That's why last weekend I tried making fish cakes with my new food processor.

They turned out good, especially with pesto sauce and cheese powder :) Yummy!

The recipe:

1/4 cooked cauliflower
1/4 cooked broccoli
1/4 cooked fish of your choice
1/4 flour, oats, almond or flax meal to suck the moisture
1 egg
salt and pepper to taste
Fresh mint or oregano

Simply cook all ingredients first until the fish is cooked and veggies are soft but not overcooked. Bend in a food processor after the ingredients have cooled down. Add in flour/oats/almond or flax meal and spices and blend again. The mass should be firm enough to hold on your hand as a steak before frying; if it's not, add more flour. Shape into steaks and fry with enough oil. Decorate with fresh mint, cheese powder and enjoy with your favourite pesto sauce (mine is sundried tomato one!)

X Ang Moh Chick

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Singaporean Wedding - Part III

Love is a beautiful thing and what's a better way to remind yourself of its importance and perhaps of your own wedding memories than to attend someone's wedding! As you have probably seen, we have been attending lots of weddings lately, and even more to come thanks to my husband's large friend community (you got secondary school friends, army friends, poly friends, uni friends, family friends...) ;)

Our super cute friends Jasper&Huilin got married just a few weeks back in a small but even more intimate&personal wedding. This couple is one of the most positive I've ever met and they are very cute together! She is also a huge Hello Kitty fan as you will find out!

A very unique bouquet  :D

Our cake expert Cherie who made the wedding cake and the couple

Now I'm going back to preparing Saturday dinner. I tried making fish steaks with my new food processor, let's see how it goes! ;) I think everything goes down with some good red wine!

X Ang Moh Chick

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tea Time

I love high tea! The "royal" atmosphere, the perfectly prepared tea, the pretty cupcakes. The absolutely best high tea I've been to was at Madeira during our honeymoon. I'm making an exception now and posting old pics from our getaway. It was in July 2011 :)

I can still remember the breezy wind, the Bach playing on the background, the tip top dressed waiters and the view to the Atlantic sea. We payed for overpriced champagne and cute sandwiches and desserts, but it was so worth it. A perfect honeymoon afternoon!

In Singapore, the best place to have tea in my experience is TWG. I'm totally a coffee person and LOVE a good cappuchino, but I also love tea and the way they prepare it at TWG is great. You can choose from hundreds of different teas. This time we tried rooibos and mate tea. I think the place is better for high tea rather than lunch or dinner, or maybe the portions are just too small for me :D

I bought some tea back home :) Nothings beats a weekend coffee/tea with a sumptious breakfast!

X Ang Moh Chick

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Singaporean Wedding - Part II

Like I promised, here's pics I took at my husband's uni friend's wedding. It was quite a traditional Chinese Wedding with typical Chinese wedding food, two walk-ins with change of outfits in the middle and no wedding cake to eat! There's dessert of course but the inedible "fake cake" of Singaporean weddings always amazes me :D Overall gorgeous couple and a touching night!

Loved the idea that every guest could choose a souvenir photo of the couple :)

First walk-in is always with the white gown...

The menu is very typical Chinese wedding menu where every course has a meaning such as prosperity, longetivity or loving marriage.

Say Cheese!

Symbol of "Double happiness" of marriage

The fake cake :D

Congrats again Derek&Jocelyn!! :)

Dress: Tiger of Sweden

X Ang Moh Chick

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