Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Apologies for the long silence. I've been thinking. I've been thinking whether I still want to keep this blog. You see, part of me thinks that posting outfits and superficial content is too shallow and even immature for my age ;D Yet, I don't want the burden of constantly coming up with deep thoughts on the blog. The reason I started this online diary was to capture the happy moments of my life, share them with you and keep it all light&dreamy. I also love photographing. Still all this seems somehow selfish, posting photos of myself and my life on the internet where it will be forever. Is it all worth it? Does someone really enjoy reading this so much? I have a full time job too and blogging regularly does take time. We'll see. I'm still thinking...

Anyways, here are some superficial outfit photos from the last post ;)

Shorts: dVb   Top: Mango   Shoes: Hobbs   Necklace: from Finland

X Ang Moh Chick

Thursday, September 25, 2014


It's again fall (although it's eternal summer in Singapore haha) and time for new things! I'm soon starting in a new job, we have a new home and have I not told you how much I love new beginnings! :) A couple of weeks back we headed to Marina Barrage for a champagne picnic. Outfit pics will follow! We packed champagne, home baked bagels and sushi in a cooler bag and off we went. The thing I love the most about Singapore are the warm, cozy nights when I never get cold no matter how long I sit outside watching the night get dark... 

X Ang Moh Chick

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Good morning!

My morning starts every day with a good cup of strong espresso with milk, and a generous amount of homemade chocolate. It's always a winner! This is just to wish you all a happy and bright day today! <3

X Ang Moh Chick

Friday, September 19, 2014

About Perfection

How to be happy? That is the big question. Somehow it seems not to be as simple as it sounds. There are just so many reasons not to be happy, or satisfied, with life. In the society of today, we are all living a life surrounded by media - sometimes to the extend that we don't recognize anymore what is real and what looks real. People start comparing themselves to others; to Facebook friends, to celebrities, to photos in magazines, even to bloggers. Yet none of it is real, there are always two sides of a coin and perfection neither exists nor is something anyone should aim at. Think about it, are the people you love the most perfect? If not, why should you be.

I see the aim for perfection linked to another issue. The fact that we can't have everything, and the disappointment that follows when realizing it. The constant want for something we don't have isn't making us happier. People tend to think that once they have succeeded in that something, then they will be happy. Once they have a good job. Once they are married. Once they get that that luxurious item. Then it magically happens. Unfortunately, this is not true. The things we have, have accomplished or own do not make us happy. The reality is also, not all of us ever get what we want. Happiness is an attitude, thus the only solution is to change that. Happiness is being grateful for what we have right now. It's being satisfied with our lives as they are. Not richer, not more beautiful, not with someone else, not any better. Just as it is. It's about noticing the small things that are absolutely free and that everyone has, equally. It's about giving yourself a hug to say; it's good enough, you're good enough. And you have a right to be happy, right now.

Happy weekend! <3

X Ang Moh Chick

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rider's Cafe

Living on a little island, which Singapore is at the end of the day, it's always fun to find new places to go to. So when hubs wanted to bring me out for coffee to a new place (new to me haha), I said yes please! When we arrived after a taxi struggle, I was glad to find out the cafe was located next to horse stables (yay) but that there's no access to see the horses (boo!!). I really miss riding which I've been doing regularly since 10 years old in Finland but now that we live here it's not possible - there's no time, stables are far (we don't have a car and the car prices are ridiculous by the way) and the classes are very, very expensive. Anyways, it was fun to be at the "country side" for a change :)

I must-try at Rider's Cafe is their "Death By Chocolate Cake" which is the size of a head and comes with delicious vanilla ice cream. I also loved their peppermint tea. The place was quite empty on a weekend evening so it's great for peaceful romantic time too. Hope you enjoy the pics!

X Ang Moh Chick

Friday, September 12, 2014

10 Things About Me

I've read many bloggers write posts where they share 10 things about themselves, either facts or funny things. I really like to read these so I wanted to write a similar post myself for you to get to know me a bit better!

1. I drink from a bottle always tongue first. It looks a bit weird to people, as if I'm tasting the drink to make sure it's not bad :D I didn't even realize it before my hubby pointed it out. It's a habit that cannot be changed.

2. My hubs likes to be physically close during couple time, hold hands etc. but when we go to movies I absolutely cannot hold hands. Don't you just think it breaks the illumination of you being part of the movie when you hold hands while watching it?! ;)

3. I have to end every meal with something sweet, chocolate, cookies etc. And having serious food allergies I've started baking and making all kind of trials in kitchen! I used to have lots of stomach ache before I went for allergy tests and lost weight but now that I've learned what I can eat and what not, I have gained weight, energy and positivity.

4. My parents have never pressured me and my sis into a certain kind of a career. My sister is a gardener today and I do something completely different. Blogging is my way of expressing creativity that I've inherited from my dad who is a photographer. I love writing and inspiring people and taking photos. It's my way of relaxing!

5. I talk to plants. 

6. I have a HUGE soft spot for animals. I have always had pets and our first dog was called Suru (sadness in Finnish). Now my two cats live in Finland. If I see snails on the road after rain I have to move them aside so that no one will step over them. I cry endlessly if I see a touching animal video like this one.

7. My husband never calls me by name, always "Sweety". So if he mentiones me by name somewhere it feels weird.

8. I'm e x t r e m e l y stubborn.

9. I can't leave the house without a lip balm.

10. I've learned more about myself, what I want from my life and what I want to be like within the past one year than during the first almost 30 years.

X Ang Moh Chick

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies

As I promised, here's the recipe for my chocolate chip cookies my hubby almost finished in one seating (luckily I had eaten a good share before he came home haha). This recipe is quick and easy, as all my recipes, and based on a craving I had and the ingredients I happened to have in my fridge without any preparation.

Sooo here it goes:

Preheat oven at 175 degree celcius. Blend one cup almonds in a food processor and mix them with one cup oats/flour. I blended my oats to make them into flour as I didn't have any at home :D. Add in half a cup cacao powder and sweeten with honey (I didn't measure, I suggest tasting the mixture to make sure it's sweet enough). Add milk of choice to make mixture just wet enough to mix well but still firm. Mix in a generous amount of chocolate chips. Scoop balls with a spoon and flatten into a cookie shape on a baking sheet. Add some chocolate chips on top and bake for 15-20 minutes until crispy.

I also did another batch with cranberries on top of chocolate chips. They are bitter sweet if you like it, although I have to admit the chocolate ones were gone faster ;)


X Ang Moh Chick

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