Friday, September 12, 2014

10 Things About Me

I've read many bloggers write posts where they share 10 things about themselves, either facts or funny things. I really like to read these so I wanted to write a similar post myself for you to get to know me a bit better!

1. I drink from a bottle always tongue first. It looks a bit weird to people, as if I'm tasting the drink to make sure it's not bad :D I didn't even realize it before my hubby pointed it out. It's a habit that cannot be changed.

2. My hubs likes to be physically close during couple time, hold hands etc. but when we go to movies I absolutely cannot hold hands. Don't you just think it breaks the illumination of you being part of the movie when you hold hands while watching it?! ;)

3. I have to end every meal with something sweet, chocolate, cookies etc. And having serious food allergies I've started baking and making all kind of trials in kitchen! I used to have lots of stomach ache before I went for allergy tests and lost weight but now that I've learned what I can eat and what not, I have gained weight, energy and positivity.

4. My parents have never pressured me and my sis into a certain kind of a career. My sister is a gardener today and I do something completely different. Blogging is my way of expressing creativity that I've inherited from my dad who is a photographer. I love writing and inspiring people and taking photos. It's my way of relaxing!

5. I talk to plants. 

6. I have a HUGE soft spot for animals. I have always had pets and our first dog was called Suru (sadness in Finnish). Now my two cats live in Finland. If I see snails on the road after rain I have to move them aside so that no one will step over them. I cry endlessly if I see a touching animal video like this one.

7. My husband never calls me by name, always "Sweety". So if he mentiones me by name somewhere it feels weird.

8. I'm e x t r e m e l y stubborn.

9. I can't leave the house without a lip balm.

10. I've learned more about myself, what I want from my life and what I want to be like within the past one year than during the first almost 30 years.

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. I read your blog for the first time, and i liked it very much. Will go through all the previous blogs as well.

  2. Hi there and thank you for commenting! I'm always so happy to find a few sentences in the comment box :D I really hope you like my previous writings as well x

  3. I always have to end meals with something sweet too. :) Usually involving chocolate!

    And I'm right there with you on the lip balm -- one is always hiding in my purse!

    1. Hi Christine! I would guess these habits belong to quite a few ladies out there ;) After all, the products are created thinking of us haha x I always buy too many lip balms and have them around the house just to make sure I never end up having none!


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