Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Love of My Life

My husband is my idol, truly. And I don't mean to sound cheesy. Just the way he treats me with unconditional love, kindness and appreciation is something I have a lot to learn about. Our story hasn't been the easiest one with long distance and cultural differences but he has never stopped believing in us. Not one day has passed that he wasn't there for me. I'm forever grateful for that.

It's time to give turn to my husband to share his views about Ang Moh Chick! So here is a small interview. This is a way to make you all know me a bit better as well. :)

So how did you meet with your wife?
She was on exchange at my university in Singapore. We met through a friend who is a Finn on exchange as well and I was his tutor at SMU.

Describe her in five words.
Delicate, smart, kind-hearted, sweet and spicy

What are her biggest likes and dislikes?
Likes: Wonderful delights such as food (e.g. seafood i.e sambal sotong), new experiences, cosy cafes with interesting interiors, animals, nature, thunder storms...

Dislikes: There are many but, food in small portions (my biggest dislike too)!

What has been your biggest obstacle as a couple?
It is always difficult to agree with each other :D

What has been the most special occasions that you shared?
- Our wedding ceremony on a lovely island of Helsinki, best Finnish cuisine, family members, the band...
- A romantic dinner on the beach in Bali (on the menu: seafood and sambal sotong of course)
- As she was recovering from a very bad flu virus; her appreciative gaze for taking care of her is priceless. And the  I got the flu...
- Seafood platter for 4 in Madeira; yet we were snatching food from each other
- Champagne at our two honeymoons in Tallinn and Madeira

What is your funniest memory with her?
What I thought as silent racism in Helsinki: A drunk Finnish man did a squat with a kungfu hand gesture as I walked past him. Pissed, I told her when I got home but she laughed her arse off and almost fell off the chair... Finnish humour.... oh well... the way she laughed was really funny.

What is there about her that blog readers might be surprised about?
How she can eat so bloody much.

What is the most annoying thing about her?
Her voice when she nags.

What have you learned from her?
She made me a man.

What has she learned from you?
Let's not talk about meeting expectations :p

What are you looking forward to the most about your life together?
Our own home, or two each in Singapore and Finland. Able to travel across the globe and have new experiences together, laugh, travel more, laugh, and perhaps a kid or two. A summer cottage would be nice too.

Okay..... This was an interesting read - for me too :D Hope you enjoyed!

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. This is so very sweet! Keep at your loving marriage, taking (yes, of course) AND giving. Hope to see some little ones from you both too.
    A Singaporean Abroad

    1. Thank you for the advice - it's a good one! ;)

  2. heap this is so sweet!!!
    wish u both happy always ~

  3. Adorable. Found you through Expats Blog...found a few good ones there. Anyway, nice introduction. Cheers :)

    1. Thank you! And nice to hear how you found your way here too :)


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