Monday, November 25, 2013

My Favourite Place in Singapore

Everything in Helsinki, Finland is somehow so... small. And there's nothing wrong with small. The buildings are all quite low even in the city centre. There is no real business centre, even at 8pm you can easily walk on the main shopping street without bumping into other people, and during Christmas you can easily be the only person on it! I like it that way, being able to be deeply in my own thoughts without being stepped over. I do feel Singapore is a bit too congested, however, I love the 'big city' feeling I get here.

The best place to get that feeling and also the place with the best view over Singapore is the Esplanade bridge that crosses from Esplanade to Raffles Place and its sky scrapers. I love the view of Marina Bay Sands, the tall buildings and the Durian-shaped Esplanade building used for theatre and concerts.

As Esplanade is dedicated to arts, there is a small pond with environmental art pieces...

We continued to the Merlion Park with its statue and lots of restaurants and bars to choose from. We were almost caught by a thunder storm but luckily it passed by (I do like thunder storms like my hubby claimed, just not when I'm enjoying a drink outside! ;) Our night ended with a stunning light show coming from the Marina Bay Sands.

As I've written here, almost all of my clothes and especially jewels carry a story. The dress I'm wearing in the photos is from Estonia, Tallinn, where we headed for two days after our ROM in 2012. The earrings are a gift from my grandmother when we had our wedding five months later. They are designed by a famous Finnish designer and are not made anymore - my grandmother bought them decades ago for herself. They carry a valuable meaning to me; everytime I wear them I remember both my beloved mummi (granny in Finnish) and also our wedding day.

What's your favourite place in Singapore - I would love to hear! :)

Dress: Guess   Bag: GG5   Shoes: Aldo

X Ang Moh Chick

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