Monday, November 18, 2013

Chocolate Coconut Cream Cake

The love for chocolate is universal. And as my blog's all-time favourite recipe is the home-made chocolate, I wanted to cheer your Monday with another chocolaty recipe, this time a cake! Having serious food allergies and not owning an oven, which is typical in Singapore, I have to use some imagination to create my own sweets and desserts. Because who could live without cake? Not me! ;)

This cake is suitable for almost all allergic people, it requires no baking and it's really fast and simple to make. Like with all my recipes, I always cook with a feel, not following any strict measurements. Thus, my recipes can also be modified according to your own liking.

For the crust, mash 4 bananas, 1/2 cup shredded coconut, 5-7 tablespoons of cacao powder, 2 tablespoons of honey and a large handful of cacao nibs or chocolate chips (optional but they add a nice crunch and a chocolaty flavour!). 

Pour in a mould and place in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then make the topping simply by whipping coconut cream with sugar or honey. Place in the feezer until very cool (15-30min). I used the fattiest one because it tastes the best and also it chills nicely in the freezer. Take the crust out of the freezer, place on a plate and pour the whipped cream on top. Decorate with fruits, berries, nuts... Done!

The recipe serves 4 people, or two big eaters, like me and my husband ;)

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Looks and sounds really yummy. Will try this recipe out on my kids, I have a feeling they will LOVE it with strawberries or even mango :)

  2. Hi Katherine! I always struggle myself because it's so hard to live with allergies in Singapore. But it has definitely made me a better chef as I don't want to live a life without cakes! ;) I hope your kids love this as much as I did! X

  3. Awwww ! It's looks yummy! I would like to try it please ~~~~
    >v< love your blog

  4. Hi Charlene! Thank you! I'm happy that my readers enjoy my posts :)


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