Friday, September 19, 2014

About Perfection

How to be happy? That is the big question. Somehow it seems not to be as simple as it sounds. There are just so many reasons not to be happy, or satisfied, with life. In the society of today, we are all living a life surrounded by media - sometimes to the extend that we don't recognize anymore what is real and what looks real. People start comparing themselves to others; to Facebook friends, to celebrities, to photos in magazines, even to bloggers. Yet none of it is real, there are always two sides of a coin and perfection neither exists nor is something anyone should aim at. Think about it, are the people you love the most perfect? If not, why should you be.

I see the aim for perfection linked to another issue. The fact that we can't have everything, and the disappointment that follows when realizing it. The constant want for something we don't have isn't making us happier. People tend to think that once they have succeeded in that something, then they will be happy. Once they have a good job. Once they are married. Once they get that that luxurious item. Then it magically happens. Unfortunately, this is not true. The things we have, have accomplished or own do not make us happy. The reality is also, not all of us ever get what we want. Happiness is an attitude, thus the only solution is to change that. Happiness is being grateful for what we have right now. It's being satisfied with our lives as they are. Not richer, not more beautiful, not with someone else, not any better. Just as it is. It's about noticing the small things that are absolutely free and that everyone has, equally. It's about giving yourself a hug to say; it's good enough, you're good enough. And you have a right to be happy, right now.

Happy weekend! <3

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. love that you were able to capture the photo of the btuterfly!

    1. haha it wasn't the first shot ;) Love capturing the small things in life. Even though a cliche, noticing small things puts things in perspective x


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