Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tea Time

I love high tea! The "royal" atmosphere, the perfectly prepared tea, the pretty cupcakes. The absolutely best high tea I've been to was at Madeira during our honeymoon. I'm making an exception now and posting old pics from our getaway. It was in July 2011 :)

I can still remember the breezy wind, the Bach playing on the background, the tip top dressed waiters and the view to the Atlantic sea. We payed for overpriced champagne and cute sandwiches and desserts, but it was so worth it. A perfect honeymoon afternoon!

In Singapore, the best place to have tea in my experience is TWG. I'm totally a coffee person and LOVE a good cappuchino, but I also love tea and the way they prepare it at TWG is great. You can choose from hundreds of different teas. This time we tried rooibos and mate tea. I think the place is better for high tea rather than lunch or dinner, or maybe the portions are just too small for me :D

I bought some tea back home :) Nothings beats a weekend coffee/tea with a sumptious breakfast!

X Ang Moh Chick

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