Sunday, June 8, 2014


After starting in a new job my days and weeks, even months, are flying pass. If I didn't have friends and family in Finland, I wouldn't even notice the passing of months - winter, spring and now summer. I really miss the four seasons and change of temperature, weather and mood. Somehow winter or rainy days in Finland give people a reason so be silent, shut their doors and just be all alone for a while. Singapore on the other hand is on the go constantly - business depends on pace, consuming, shopping, buying, going, coming, working, queueing. Non-stop. Sometimes I wish I was just sitting on a rock in Helsinki, looking at the sea, wind blowing my hair and listen to nothing.

Anyhow, I'm here and this weekend I had surprise guests from Finland - I'm always so happy to get visitors!! Today our good friends in Singapore celebrate their wedding. My husband is at their gate crashing at the moment which is a tradition of the husband going to the bride's parents house to "buy" the bride over to the husband's family. The bridesmaids prepare all kind of tricks for the best men and the groom to get pass and lots of money and gifts are passed on to the bride and her bridesmaids.

Lately I've been relaxing mostly at home and with friends, trying to cook new dishes - my new bravura is goat cheese&salmon pizza and chocolate cupcakes :)

Another weird thing lately is that all of a sudden Singapore is filled with moths. They are everywhere - at home, outside, at the mrt station, on my office door, in my office lobby...! I tried to save the first ones out of the window but there seem to be too many!

In terms of outfits I'm inlove with combinations of white lately <3

Well, this post was all over the place without any direction whatsoever but oh well, that's life! I hope you've had a great Saturday and lots of nice plans (or relaxing time at home) for today :)

X Ang Moh Chick

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