Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thailand Trip - Last Days

We happily spent the last days of our holiday at the hotel area simply because it was the nicest area we came across on our stay in Patong. Patong isn't very beautiful area so in order to avoid the gasoline and salesmen we just relaxed at the hill where our hotel was located.

We headed for dinner to the other (Italian) restaurant of the hotel. This restaurant was a disappointment - the food was cold, portion was extremely small for two and service wasn't very good either. It'a a pitty since the view is so amazing. We gave feedback to the staff so hopefully they will be able to change the dining experience better!

The next morning we woke up for the hotel breakfast for the final time - gosh I miss all that food and those colors on the plate! Especially delicious was the mango - not the typical mango but a crispy type, texture of guava but taste of mango, yummy!

Holidays are always so good but it's nice to be back at comfy and clean Singapore where cars have to be changed by law once they turn 10 years not to fill the air by sticky gas ;P

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Love your blog posts and photos! xo

  2. Hi,
    I am planning to go phuket in a few days. The resort you stayed at looks great.
    Any recommendation for great seafood?

  3. Hi.
    I am planning to go Phuket in a few days time. The hotel you stayed look fabulous. Which hotel is it?
    I am also a craze for seafood. Any recommendation?

    Thank you :)

  4. Hi! The hotel we stayed at is called Amari Hotel. I would say if you wish to go to Patong it's definitely among the best ones :) Patong itself isn't the nicest area but you can take daytrips to islands etc! There's a place called Patong Seafood or something, we never ended up going but it's supposed to be good. However the prices at Patong are at tourist levels and we found the hotel buffet restaurant to have better quality for money. I'm sure there are better places but we run out of time! Have a good trip X


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