Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birthday Boy

I know! I just wrote about MY bday but now it was time for hubby. This weekend was all for him and I wanted to do something fun from my childhood - treasury hunting!! haha. Yes, we are nearly 30 BUT it's sometimes good to bring up memories from childhood :)

So I made him search for a hidden "love promise" note somewhere in the house.  I hid it in a bottle and told him that if he will get the note out of the bottle, I will keep the promise ;) I think this was just one example of something very inexpensive (basically free!) that is both fun and meaningful.

The "real" gift was a wallet he has wanted for ages... He was so happy over it that every cent was well spent ;)

The day was naturally started by enjoying good brunch and coffee! Bread, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, ham, feta cheese... Yum!

At night we went to Wine Connection for cheese&wine tasting :) Have I told you how much I LOVE wine and cheese??

Today we ate some rosti&roasted chicken (again!!) and I wanted to buy some frozen yoghurt for my ice cream cravings !

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

X Ang Moh Chick

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