Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Signs That Show You Are Close To 30

You start to be interested in cooking and, especially, photographing food. And eating it of course ;) Hunting for a new restaurant is one of your favourite things.

You become even more interested in baking and you loooooooove adding photos of cupcakes and macarons to your instagram...

Choosing a cupcake is one of the highlights of your day!

You have learned to enjoy the taste (and effects) of good coffee!

You start thinking of settling down and begin receiving invitations to weddings and baby showers...

Cute or what?! ;)

You especially like the taste (and effects!) of a glass of wine but, unlike in your 20s, you get tired after a couple of glasses and want to go to sleep rather than clubbing.

X Ang Moh Chick ;)


  1. My friends and I have found that the older you get, the earlier you want to sleep =)

  2. So true!! When I get back home (straight, not through a bar) on Friday, I'm sooo happy I get to SLEEP during the weekend LOL x


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