Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 + a Restaurant Review

Happy New Year!! Better later than never right? ;)

I'm planning on a post about the highlights of my year 2013 but before that I will tell you how I spent my New Year's Eve! This is also my first time doing a proper restaurant review so please tell me if you like it and if you would like to read more reviews!

In the "morning", we had a buffet lunch at Swiss hotel's restaurant Equinox. I had pretty high expectations because I've heard good things about their brunches - also the fact that Swiss hotel is the tallest building in Singapore is not a bad thing at all (imagine the view)!

However, I was positively surprised about the service as well as the quality and variety of the food. Having food allergies makes it sometimes very difficult to dine out but this brunch exceeded all my expectations and unlike usually, this time I didn't feel like I missed out on anything that non-allergic people can have. Almost everything was something I could take :)

You could choose from soup, selection of breads and filling salads, seafood, sashimi (at least five different types of salmon!!) and sushi. Main course is selected from the menu. For dessert there was an amazing selection of cheeses, fruits, cakes, mousses, ice cream... I'm getting hungry writing this (luckily I'm eating at the same time :D) I I must warn you about the photos!

It's so difficult to choose a favourite but I LOVED the chilli salmon sashimi, seafood salad and the amazing cheeses (a definite plus for having so many of them made from goat's or sheep's milk too!!). My favourite sweets were the crème brûlée and a mint chocolate ice cream with chuncks of chocolate :) Yummy!!

I can't even remember how many platefuls of salmon and all the goodness I took, probably close to a kilo :D haha. As  it was New Year, we had some drinks that were not included in the price ;) 

A happy girl with lotsa good food and some champagne :) For main courses we chose boracay fillet and tenderloin steak. I must say that at least the fish was a disappointment. I would rather save my stomach for all the other amazing food! My husband liked his steak though.

For desserts....

If you haven't figured out yet I'm actually on a fattening diet, and it's working pretty well so far! ;) As I predicted, the view was breathtaking!

At night we watched the fireworks with dear friends of ours who recently got married. You can read about their wedding here.

I hope you all happiness and joy for the coming year - remember to be kind and respectful not only to others but yourself too!

Dress: Mphosis   Cardigan: GG5   Necklace: Chanel

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. OMG, that brunch looks amazing!! I'm planning a visa run and brunch is good enough reason to visit Singapore :)

  2. Hi Sari! Yes it was amazing!! But there are also several great dinner buffets to choose from, Singapore is a food Paradise ;) Welcome! X

  3. Hi sweet, You have a lovely blog! Love all your pictures too. Keep on blogging. Cheers

  4. Thank you Karen! Happy to hear you like it :) x

  5. I agree, the pictures of the food definitely speak for themselves. They all look delicious! No wonder you enjoyed it so much. And I can say, this is really one of the best ways on how to celebrate the New Year – surrounded by a lot of tasty delicacies. :)



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