Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Details Ang Moh Style

I hope you have relaxed during the holidays!! :) I sure did! This was my first Christmas without my family in Finland; we spent it with my husband just the two of us. It was different, and of course I missed my family and all the traditions from watching the same tv programs every year to Christmas sauna, waking up to rice porridge (the person who finds an almond hidden in his/hers bowl will be lucky!) and all the amazing food. I actually tried making rice porridge but my husband didn't really like it :p I guess it needs improvement...

We spent most of the afternoon shopping for food (and a few pressies for myself, you know, to cover for the loss of missing all the nice food) :D Then we popped the champagne and prepared dinner. It didn't turn out exactly like the Finnish dinner but at least it filled our stomachs and tasted good!

On the menu we had steak and fries (we were planning on turkey but changed our minds haha), assorted veggies, goat cheese salad with pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and a honey-mustard dressing, bread and of course graved salmon - my favourite! :)

After stuffing ourselves (yes, every bit was finished), we opened the pressies that my mum and dad had sent us all the way from Finland! We were so excited!! :)

Among other things, I got a very cute apron from mum and a streetstyle tee from my dad (the figure on the tee refers to the symbol shown in pedestrian signals in the former GDR.

From husband I got two dresses, one Spartacus style (we are hooked the program :D) and one romantic style. I gave him cufflinks with our names' first letters engraved on them. I at least guess he liked them ;)

Have a Great New Year lovelies!! :)

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Merry Christmas!
    Love the Maxi Dress:)

  2. Merry Xmas to you too and enjoy your New Year!! :)


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