Wednesday, November 13, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

I was thinking of introducing a new Instagram-like sequel where I share a few photos of the things that have recently made me happy. The idea of this The Sound of Music (what a wonderful happy film!) sequel is to inspire also you readers to, if not shoot, at least write down or really pay attention to those small beautiful things in life. Our mood is what we decide it to be - and I'm saying this even though I'm not the best example of a person who can simply decide to be happy on a day when you wake up and 1. You decide to make a cappuchino since you slept very poorly and there isn't any milk in the fridge. 2. You look at the sky in the morning and you're SURE it won't rain today and don't take un umbrella (ah, I'm Singaporean enough to know this by now!) and voilà, it's raining not cats and dogs but little uncles when you head out. 3. You pour coconut water over your laptop while blogging and it stops working... I could go on, and yes, all this has happened to me! 

I got lost in my thoughts... Anyways, so after all the stuff that makes you think that things can't possibly go any more wrong (they usually will), you can stop for a moment and think. Think what happy, nice or positive has happened today. It can be a very simple thing, or perhaps something larger. You have a part to play in this game too - you have a chance to save someone else's miserable day. Just a small compliment, a helping hand, or simply a smile can have a huge influence on a stranger's mood. And as that person becomes a tiny bit happier, he/she is more likely to spread the joy... And so on. Well, you know what I mean.

Here are a Few of My Favourite Things recently.

I slept poorly but woke up to a beautiful morning and thought to myself how grateful I am to experience living so high up that I can take panoramic shots from my bedroom window.

I love enjoying tea from a pretty pot and especially from a small Japanese cup. The flavor is so much better this way. Just like drinking coke from the bottle isn't even nearly as good compared to coke from a can! ;)

For me the best way to empty my mind before an important day, or to relax after a long day, is to read magazines. My favourites are food, fashion and wellness magazines and I could read recipes and interviews and look at beautiful pictures for hours...

When I got home it was so windly that the curtains were swaying horizontally and all the papers from the bedroom table were on the floor. But what a perfect weather for a cup of hot chocolate! You can find my recipe here.

I heard that my interview appears at frontpage! I was very happy about this :) Please go and take a look here!

What made you happy today? :)

X Ang Moh Chick


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