Friday, November 15, 2013

A Small Story from Paris and a New Brand Launch

When I was ten years old, my parents decided to rent a villa from France, very close to Paris, with family friends. Not only that, my dad wanted to drive all the way there from Finland! And so we did. That is still a trip that I remember as a great adventure, even though it happened almost two decades ago. I remember how we built a ship from old bits and pieces of wood with my friend. I remember the smell and taste of fresh, crispy, warm chocolate croissants that we could buy from a closeby boulangerie's car delivery every morning. I remember climbing to the Eiffel tower, trying snails and finding the most amazing pink princess dress from the flee market that any 10-year-old could dream of. I still have photos of me wearing that dress with puffy sleeves and lots of Victorian ruffles. Reading my diary from the trip, the most memorable event appears to be a visit to a Zafari zoo on a car, and that a zebra licked our window! :D Oh, I miss that 10-year-old me.

Anyways, last week I was invited to a new brand launch at Heeren Robinsons. You can imagine how excited I was after I checked the brand's website. A new French women's clothes brand has stepped into Singapore. And I love anything French! France is one of the capitals of fashion and French women are among the most chic in the world, at least in my opinion. Even better, the brand's - called Honoré - all clothes are made of natural materials with a sustanable philosophy that the clothes last wearing and time. 

I visited the Brand Launch on the same day as the opening for the entire shopping centre, Robinsons at the Heeren.

The designer of the brand, Axelle Oran, is a very chic lady herself. I had a chance to meet her and ask a couple of questions to make you all know a bit more about the brand.

Here are her answers :)

1. Does the brand's name refer to the famous fashion street "The rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré" in Paris?

The name Honoré was an obvious choice for me. Of course it's related to La rue du faubourg Saint Honoré. Its an amazing street which is full a incredible shops (big brands and concept stores are melting there) but also because of the history of the name. Its a writer, a pastry and it also means something. And for me clothes are not just something that you wear but also a message that you give to people.

2. Where can my readers find your clothes worldwide? Which stores sell them in Singapore?

You can find us at: Paper bag princess which is a lovely store at Cluny Court in Bukit Timah. Their team is wonderful. Rockstar by Soon Lee on Orchard 22 and Orchard Cineleisure, they have a great concept. We are also stocked at Tangs Orchard and the new Robinsons Orchard. In Hong Kong too, at Kapok. Which is an amazing store that every one should visit. And our online shop too for worldwide shipping of course! :)

3. What is your long term goal or dream for the brand? Where would you wish to see Honoré in 10 years?

My long term goal is to see this little baby growing up and to be worn by as many people as possible of course ;) And my wish is that the spirit of Honoré will always stay the same.
4. If you could dress one famous person in your clothes, who would that be?
There are so many!!! Some french actress and models of course but im not sure that they are enough famous. But I love their style.. Like Vanessa Paradis, Clemence Poesy, Lea Seydoux.. I also Love Olivia Parlermo, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, The olsen sisters..

5. Describe the Honoré woman in five words
The Honoré woman is romantic, passionate, chic, rock and roll and fresh. All at the same time!
The designer was also kind enough to let me choose one outfit from her collection!! I was so happy! :) Here are some of my favourite outfits that I tried on..
Guess which one I picked? :) I will post an editorial entry tomorrow wearing the dress I chose.
In the meanwhile, here is their youtube video:
For more information:

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  1. Oooh....I didn't know that you have started a blog! Nice recommendation! Shall check out the outfits soon! Love French style too!

  2. Hi Peiyan! Nice that you found your way here :) I know, who wouldn't love France? xo


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