Friday, November 1, 2013

Best Places of Singapore - Part IX: Little India

This is the final part of the popular sequel Best Places of Singapore. This time I will bring you to Little India - the place for great finds at a good price, beautiful handcrafted items and spicy delicious food.

We started our journey from Arab street and its surrounding area. The place is great for shopping because some of the streets are shut from cars and full of the prettiest and cutest small shops that remind me of Europe. We even run into a tv shoot!

After shopping for the day, we moved on to Little India itself...

Little India is best known for three things; shisha, food and MUSTAFA! :D Mustafa is a huge superstore where you can buy anything - literally. Anything you can think of, light enough to be carried out of the store, and the odds are that they sell it. I shop there for food, spices and small items for home.

Shisha is a water pipe that can be ordered in different tastes such as raspberry, apple or mint. We went to an Arab cafe called Al Maljis on Arab street. It's definitely something new to try, sitting on mats and enjoying very dark Arabian coffee with chocolate dates or trying out some shisha!

Naturally the best part came last - Indian food which I absolutely love!! We went to this small restaurant just opposite Mustafa where the personnel was kind enough to make me fish tikka according to my food allergies. It was delicious and very spicy ;) I finished every bit of that dish!

My mum <3

Something very unhappy happened to me today. However, blogging about my memories helped me to cheer up a little bit. What would happen if we didn't have all our happy memories to carry around with us when something bad happens! Memories have such an amazing power to create joy and comfort <3

X Ang Moh Chick

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