Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Little Bl... Zebra Dress!

Leopard is out and... Zebra is in! This is what I wore on a date night out this weekend. My little zebra dress! The material is perfect for this weather - light and soft, it feels almost like nothing. I also love the design of the dress, it's very flattering on the body and makes me look curvier than I am, which is always a plus ;) The bag is great because I carry so much stuff with me: make up, brush, water bottle (a must in the heat), phone, wallet, tissue (another must)...

That's all I wanted to say, but hey, do you always need to have such an important thing on your mind?! :)

PS. There's a CONTEST coming up! And my readers have a chance to win great prices! Keep posted ;)

Dress: Awear   Bag: Giudit   Shoes: Aldo

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. fabulous! :))
    hope you can join my giveaway! http://raellarina.blogspot.com/2013/10/raellarina-x-ahaishopping-giveaway.html


  2. I have the same dress!! And is the only one I've packed for my 6 months trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. There will be two zebras running around then :)

  3. RaeAbigael thanks for your comment! Sari that's great, you have a good taste ;) Pull me from my stripes if you see me and have a fantastic trip! X


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