Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Outfit - and Thought - of the Day

I get a lot of positive energy from small pretty nice things. Spending most of the time in shorts and a tee without make up, during weekends it's nice to "doll up" like my husband says. Fashion is a way of self expression, a way of showing the emotions of the day, and a way of standing out as you, different from any other person on this planet. 

People tend to go from one extreme to another; be either too much wrapped around themselves, their schedule, their time, their opinion, their mood. Or then they tend to be overly helpful, put everyone else before themselves, forget their own needs serving others. Finding a balance is very hard. I read this article today about the five most common things that people regret on their deadbeds; to have lived their lives true to themselves, not the life others expect of them; not to have work so hard; to have had the courage to express their feelings; to have spend more time with friends; to have let themselves be happier.

The things that have made me feel empowered are the situations where I chose not to take the safe road. Expressing feelings is also very important to me. Some people like to write, some talk, some post in facebook. How we say things, our expressions, and the way we look like, all send messages to people around us. I've been many times approached because of something I wear, or because I look different somehow. In this way, fashion can even make life more sociable, and definitely more fun.

For me, happiness comes from the small things, and by this I don't mean material per se. Happiness comes from the smile on a stranger's face when offering a helping hand. Happiness is a good meal that leaves me satisfied, or a great new recipe to share. Happiness is the knowledge that I have a man by my side who would do, and has done, anything for me. Happiness is the hope that my blog gives something to someone out there, whether it's inspiration, positivity, ideas, creativity, courage, knowledge. And yes - happiness is also a pretty dress, comfortable shoes and some glitter in the ears ;)

Be true to yourself, express, be honest, love, forgive, forget, cherish. Think of something that makes you happy and spend time on it every day.

Dress: Massimo Dutti   Shoes: Fausto Zanetti/Tangs   Earrings: Guess

X Ang Moh Chick

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