Monday, October 7, 2013

Best Places in Singapore - Part VII: Sentosa

Sentosa is Singapore's island dedicated to entertainment, relaxing, outdoor sports and staycations with bars, restaurants and beaches to choose from. The Universal Studios and the Casino are located in Sentosa but majority of people go there just to sun bath, play volley ball, swim and unwind. Sentosa is also one of the rare pieces of land without much traffic, cars and noise everywhere. Naturally, Sentosa is much less crowded during the weekdays.

What I actually like about Sentosa is that people are on a holiday there. The atmosphere calls for relaxation. So I just enjoy sitting at the beach, preferably a coconut in my hands, looking at the waves and listening to the sea. No one can disagree about the calming effect that the sound of waves hitting the sand has on nerves…

Of course we just had to take some jumpin' pics ;)

What I love the most is when they fail and you get pics of the weirdest positions imaginable :D

Like this 'flamingo pose' ;)

X Ang Moh Chick


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