Sunday, October 6, 2013

Best Places in Singapore - Part VI: China Town

Best Places of Singapore continues! Many countries have a China Town of their own (waiting to have one in Finland though ;)...) and naturally Singapore has one too. China town is great for cheap clothes, porcelain, decoration, pens... U name it! And all things Chinese that you can think of really. There are both high quality interior design shops and low-end cheapie stuff. China Town is usually very packed so be prepared for that..

One thing to warn about China Town is that it is V E R Y  H O T there. Not even a breeze of air! So besides all the shopping, you might wanna pay a calming visit to the Buddha Tooth Temple. The temple is an interesting experience if you have never been to one, it's such a different world from a Western point of view.

China Town is naturally also a heaven for those who love Chinese food or want to buy Chinese snacks as a souvenir! Bird's nest in a jelly anyone?! As Buddhists do not eat meat, China Town has lots of purely vegetarian restaurants to choose from.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is also big especially among the older generation in Singapore and lots of food shops sell different spices, herbs and dried fruit/food used to cure varying diseases or symptoms. There's something fascinating about the yin&yang thinking (I will write more about this in a different post) and some of the principles do actually make sense ;)  One thing that you can try is the "health tea" that is sold in different flavors. Some taste really bitter and some sweeter so do ask before you buy :D

I even found Angry Birds chopsticks - did you know the game comes from Finland?! haha!

Dress: H&M  Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas  Necklaces: Finland

X Ang Moh Chick

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