Sunday, April 13, 2014

H-N of My Life

Helsinki. My home city – fantastic during summer, tough during winter but there’s always a special spot for Helsinki in my heart.

Isi. Daddy in Finnish. I miss my dad and the endless talks we have over coffee about literally everything in the world. I remember my husband asking me once, what do you talk about for so long in skype? Oh well, about politics, weather, work, families, life, culture, psychology, food… haha, everything. Isi olet rakas <3 

J is the letter my Finnish maiden name starts with. Direct translation to English would be “laky” (as in lake-like) even though it’s not a real word :D

K. The most common text I send to my husband. Means okay shortened to ok shortened to k. :D

Love. The reason we are on this earth.

Marriage. The Largest commitment you can make.

Never. People should never say never. I’ve said “I will never marry a foreigner”, “I will never move to Singapore”, “I will never like soft boiled eggs”, “ I will never like yoga”, “I will never overeat sweet stuff again” And yet I’ve done it all :D That’s life. Never say never.

Skirt: London   Top: Zara   Bag: Blush B-Lush   Necklace: Kalevala

X Ang Moh Chick

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