Sunday, February 9, 2014

CNY 2014 - Year of Horse

Our Chinese New Year was quite traditional; giving ang bao, visiting, eating, eating some more and visiting again :)

Here are photos I took over the first days. I think the photos tell more than I can explain in words ;) We started the celebration one week before - I wrote more about it here. Last week had a reunion dinner at my in-laws place. My MIL is vegan so almost all the food was vegeratian.

Dried scallops cooked - super yummy!

Abalone which is bought in cans but it's super expensive - one can can be 60 bucks! Usually we only eat it during CNY.

'Hairy mushroom' as I call it, one of my favourite dishes!

Bah kwa - grilled minced pork, not one of the healthiest snacks but oh well, CNY is only once a year! ;)

Oranges are given to every guest in twos, they symbolize prosperity.

Everyone stocks up their house with goodies and snacks for guests to eat and to give away as gifts.

Shots from my in-laws home :)

Ang bao envelopes with my last name in Chinese. If you speak Chinese you might guess what it is... ;)

Family reunion!

How I felt after all this, tired but happy :D

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Hi!
    First time to comment here :)
    You have such a beautiful blog,i really love to read it,especially because i lived there(River Valley and Mt Faber) three years ago almost five year.
    There will been always a place for Sg in my heart.
    I like to read your basic everyday life,new places,shopping,cultural differences etc.
    I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and all the best!
    Last but not least,You look absolutely stunning in every picture!
    Greetings from Finland,

  2. Hi Siri! You made me smile with your lovely comment! Thank you so much and I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog! Singapore is a very unique place indeed, hopefully you get to visit on a holiday still! :) xo


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