Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yoga @ Botanical Gardens 26.10.2013 at 5pm - And You are Welcome!

Me dear friend has done something that most of us only dream about; she left her work as a manager to set up her own company. Now she offers fitness classes to corporations and private groups! She is extremely talented in what she does and I have a huge amount of respect towards her. Here is a caption from her website:

"Fit – not just a word, but a state of mind. And by that we don’t mean it in a sense of “fitting in”, but rather of feeling and being able [fit] to face whichever life has in store for us with a healthy and positive attitude. It is our goal to inspire and motivate others for an empowered lifestyle. We simply love what we do. Chances are, you will too!"

Being an MBA-holder and former Finance Manager in a large international corporation, Hilli felt it was time to give life a new twist and let that soft but nonetheless constant nagging of her entrepreneurial spirit be heard - stepping away from the security of a big company and following her passion was a big leap, but one she has not regretted for one single day. After obtaining heaps of fitness certifications, honing her skills in various martial arts, Yoga, different functional training systems and personal training, teaching at prestigious gyms and even becoming a Presenter for one of the most popular group workouts for Asia Pacific, she is now taking it to the next level - TheFitProject with its team of dedicated trainers are ready to rock!

Now she is going to hold a yoga class on next week's Saturday at 5pm at the Botanical Gardens. You can read here my post about easy steps for beginners' yoga. I took some shots of her at the gardens to get you all excited ;) The class is open to everyone so please come, spread the word, take your bf/gf/husband/wife/friend/aunty/oncle with you to try! The class will be completely suitable for both beginners and more experienced yogists. Just bring water, your yoga mat (if you are trying for the first time, just anything to stand and lay on) and a smile! The class costs only 10SGD so this is the perfect chance to try something new, or experience yoga in the nature! For registeration just email me the number of people attending at I will reply you with the venue details!

Please book Saturday 26.10.2013 at 5pm in your calendars!

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer! I hope to see many of you in a week's time!! :)

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Such amazing place to do yoga! I've always loved the botanical garden and would really love to join if only I was still in Singapore :(

    PS: I love your blog, although it makes me miss Singapore even more! :)

  2. Hi Jennifer! I love outdoors yoga! It definitely brings out the spirit of yoga really. Thank you, you made my day a lot happier with your comment! :)


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