Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Wonders of Life

One night the other day me, my mum and my husband were on our way home from the Marina Bay Sands shopping centre and decided to take a walk outside first to enjoy the panoramic view of the city centre's skyscrapers. Unlike usually, the stairs outside were full of people so we decided to wait and see what everyone was waiting for.

What happened next was pretty cool! At first there was a light, water & laser performance; a video was reflected on a water "wall" telling a story of the wonders of life. How life is short and every action we do counts. How we should appreciate the people in our life, help others and be compassionate. How everyone on this planet has their role to play on how the earth will look like after we pass away. How there are so many beautiful things around us if we pay attention. On the video, a child was laughing, learning how to walk. Couples took each others hands. Elderly were taken care of...

After the video stopped, it started SNOWING!!

Ok, not really (it was a soap bubble machine), but it really looked like it which was pretty cool when it was 28 degrees outside! :D

After the snowing stopped and the performance was over, there was still a huge whirlpool just outside the shopping mall. Like a piece of nature captured there just in the middle of all materialistic.

Of course this is a show to influence people to live their life better in Singapore - sort of marketing a responsible way of living to the people who live here. But that is exactly what I appreciate about Singapore. How helpful people are and how even young children respect the elderly. Plus I've never seen a young child here scream at their parents - unlike in Finland. Sure this is only one side of the story. But that side really left me feeling hopeful about my future here.

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Great pictures! Singapore is such an amazing city :)

  2. Thanks! :) And I agree! Every day I find something I would like to take photos of! xo


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