Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A New Cafe Find and a Fashion Mistake

I was asking around for recommendations of good cafes, since I'm a huge fan of coffee and cafes - especially those that have a unique atmosphere, something different from all the chains. Good coffee and variety in the menu are naturally a plus ;) So pretty late at night we took the train to Bugis and walked pass Arab street.

And there it was, in the middle of nowhere. A cafe/restaurant/bar that looked interesting and different. It was called Symmetry Cafe.

We sat outside at first to take a look at the menu, which has options for breakfast, dinner and lunch, wines and beer to choose from and also a good variety of coffee drinks. We had just eaten so we ended up just ordering drinks.

Wearing a long sleeve (:D), it was quite hot outside so we took a look at the inside of the cafe. I love all the small details; notes on the window, design of the toilets, bottles on the shelves, cute cups and cookies to go with the coffee.

The only thing I would perhaps change is the music. Somehow I feel that this place calls for jazz... :)

After the drinks I went to the toilet - this is where I discovered the fashion mistake. Can you spot the difference?

So I wore my dress upside down the entire day. Oh well, that happens. And I learned that actually the dress doesn't look too bad upside down either ;)

PS. There are three more days left before the Weekend Flow! Please RSVP to my email and bring all your friends with you!

Dress: Max&Co.   Cardigan: Essentiel   Shoes: Fuasto Zanetti/Tangs  Earrings: Green Poppies

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Haha I didn't noticed that! But the dress looks pretty as well. I love the way you braided your hair! Is that a normal french braid? :)


  2. Hello my dear fellow blogger! Thanks for stopping by. It's a half french braid! So you only take more hair from one side when making it :)



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