Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kick That Flu!

I've been in influenza at home for the week so far and I'm terribly bored. I've had fever, cough and my voice sounds like a crow. To kick this flu I've gathered the most powerful arsenal around me.

Everyone knows it's good to hydrate (especially in Singapore where it's so hot) and just drinking water gets boring so I try to alternate with other liquids. Herbal teas taste good even cold!

Vitamin C
I take vitamin C as a supplement when in a flu but the best way body can absorb it is in its natural form - eating plenty of fruits helps to kick that flu and hydrate at the same time.

Chicken essence
This is a more "exotic" treatment lol. It's very Singaporean, and this essence is supposed to build the immune system. I take one that has ginseng root in it that's promised to energize ;) 

What's the point of being sick if you can't reward yourself with something for staying at home bored and eating all the medicine?? haha

P.S There are only two submissions so far for the Giveaway lucky draw so any new entry's chances of winning are at a high 30%!! ;)

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Hi there!
    I found your blog through Lauren Conrad's site. I really like it! I spent two years in South Korea and I think the chicken essence treatment is not just secluded to China, as it was widely used there too! They also have this meal called Samgyetang which consists of a whole chicken in a gravy/broth stuffed with ginseng. It's SOO delicious and especially helpful when you're feeling under the weather. :)

  2. Hi Ashley! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) Really? That's interesting! I've never been to Korea but would love to go x


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