Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anniversary 2/3 - Dinner

For dinner we headed to Starz at Sentosa which was a slight disappointment. The food wasn't anything special and not very fresh either. This buffet really loses to all those I've been to so far. Nonetheless the personnel were cooperative about food allergies and afterwards we headed to Sentosa Cove for champagne by the shore. It was as if we were in a different country completely! So silent, low buildings, small restaurants and bistros along the beach. We also checked out W Hotel that has astonishing surroundings, but I would guess the place is more suited for young couples.

Let the pics speak for the night! ;)

X Ang Moh Chick

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  1. I love Sentosa Cove because somehow it reminds me of Sydney with its waterfront lifestyle concepts! If your husband love steaks (and they have seafood/fish too), you should check out Skirt at W Hotel some time :)


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