Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mr & Mrs - About Marriage

We are celebrating our 2-year anniversary at the end of this month. It's then exactly three years since he proposed and two years since the happiest and most perfect day of my life so far, our Wedding day. My husband's proposal was simple and private, yet very meaningful and very beautiful. It happened at midnight on a warm summer night in Finland, in my childhood area, at sea shore. It was completely silent, you could just hear the wind in the willows, nothing else.

Our Wedding day took place on an island in Helsinki, in a beautiful old wooden restaurant with amazing surroundings. I still remember the once in a lifetime feeling of everyone I love being there on my special day. It's a feeling I can't describe. The food was absolutely perfect - the best Finnish food I've ever eaten, my friend sang us the most touching song ever and my husband's family gave us wonderful speaches and a very meaningful gift to me.

The second day after our wedding we read through all the wonderful cards and notes guests had written. It was such a dream. 

Second anniversary is called "Paper Wedding". The first one is cotton, third leather and 60th diamond. This is for a reason - marriage gets stronger year by year. Paper is easily crumbled or even teared, diamonds last wear and tear. I couldn't agree more. Intercultural marriage is not an easy one. Throughout these two years we have gotten to know each other at our best - and at our very worst. I truly appreciate that I can be myself, 100% real, with my husband and he still loves me despite it all. I've always been honest with him, and he always wishes what's best for me. He has been there through fights, tears, days when I'm completely down or very sick. But he is there to share my laughter, my joy and my aspirations.

This is what I wish for everyone, to find someone not having to pretend with. Someone who accepts you for who you are as a person, not for external reasons and not only when you are nice or happy. Someone who cleans the toilet after you have vomited throughout the night when sick. That is unconditional love and it's worth waiting for.

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Happy anniversary to you both! :) The pictures are lovely, were they taken in Finland?

  2. Hi Ang Moh!!! :)
    You look beautifull!!
    Congratulations to you both!! :)

  3. Such a lovely post! Congratulations :)
    I'm a fan of your blog, keep up the great work - I really enjoy reading your posts :)

    1. Thank you so much, I'm very happy to hear that people enjoy reading my blog and keep following even though my posting can be quite inconsistent...! <3

  4. Kelly, yes they are taken in Finland by my dad who's a photographer :)

    Sonja, thank you xx


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