Thursday, May 8, 2014

Back at Home!

Hello lovelies!! I'm back at home from our short but relaxing holiday trip to Phuket :) We spent six days at Amari Hotel Phuket at Patong beach. I must say that Patong itself isn't the nicest area to relax but we were super lucky with the hotel choice - Amari is located at the end of the busy Patong beach area on a hill top far away from the gasoline and noise. The hotel was extremely accomodating about my food allergies and the service overall was very good! 

Wanted to give you a sneak peak on the trip but much much more pics and stories are coming up! <3

Travel essentials in my new VS purses!

Singapore's Changi airport is by far the best airport I've ever been to - super clean, classy, all the amenities are there and they even have a small garden! Our flight was a bit scary with this huge thunder cloud that we flew through :O

After 1.5 hours flight (luxury compared to the 12h from Finland!!) we arrived at the hotel very hungry and decided to head to the hotel restaurant by the beach for buffet. The chef there was SUPER helpful and after hearing about my allergies he cooked me a fish and chicken, papaya salad and sides separately!!

And I ate it all. Alone. Can you believe it??! haha. Can't believe myself. All the shimps, all of the fish and half a chicken!! Omg. I was quite hungry.............. No, I'm not expecting twins ;p

In the morning we woke up to this amazing view from our balcony and went for the hotel brekkie (I looooove hotel breakfasts, they are the best thing on a trip!!)

Eggs, eggs and more eggs!! And all amazing fruits.... Ah. Heaven. Have you ever tried cereal with cottage cheese and yoghurt? It was quite yummy! :D

X Ang Moh Chick

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