Tuesday, April 1, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Time to post again about my favourite things lately! Every week I try to think of small things, whether material or not, that have made me brighten up. Naturally it's difficult to capture those non-materialistic things in photos so usually My Favourite Things tend to be that - things. However the purpose of this post is to inspire my readers to pay attention to those small happy things in every day life. Here is what has made my days slightly happier:

A new fantastic eye shadow palette from Bobbi Brown. Finally I came across a palette that has ALL of the colors I've ever needed :) I use this palette daily and I've been very pleased by the quality!

My friends' wedding invitation was certainly a very unique one!! Groom is a photographer and I think it was a great idea to use old films as invitation cards :)

I know my blog is turning into a coffee blog but I never get over the happiness a good cup of coffee creates. Don't you agree?? :)

These Chanel earrings I've purchased years and years back represent quality and hard work for me. I bought them after I quit my part time work in Finland and focused on studying. I remember still how tough it was to study full time and work 15 hours  per week. I bought these earrings to remind me of my hard work and I knew I would be still wearing them years after!

Husband's spicy sambal chilli prawns, sesame spinach, oyster mushrooms and carrots with rice. Yummy!

I have a bit more time to blog now so I have many post ideas developing. One of my fashion dreams recently came true so that's one reason to blog for sure. I will also post about our coming trip!! :)

X Ang Moh Chick

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