Monday, April 7, 2014

A-G of My Life

I've read many bloggers write about their life by using alphabets! So I thought perhaps it would be fun for you to read some random things about me :) Here you go...

Ang Moh. Ang moh means literally “red hair” but it is used very commonly in Singapore to refer to westerners – white people. It’s a neutral word, not an insult, but it depends on how it’s said and in which context. So when my husband started calling me an ang moh chick as a joke, it was obvious that it would be my blog alias ;)

Berries. I love all type of berries and that’s one of the things I miss most about Finland! In summer, forests are full of berries and during winter any supermarket sells frozen berries in all forms :)

Chanel. Always classy, there’s nothing Chanel I don’t love ;) C could have been also chocolate&champagne! Yum.

D is the first letter of my husband’s name. He means the world to me. You can read more about him here <3

Eemeli. My cat’s name who lives with my mum in Finland. He is a black and white devon rex and he has a very special character. He only allows the special someones close to his heart <3

Fashion. I just read someone saying that fashion gives us the chance to be more like the person we would like to be. That is so true. And I don't mean pretending to be someone else, I mean giving you confidence to be you, unique. And I’ve always strongly believed that once you start “acting” or behaving more like the person you would like to be, you become more like that person; people start treating like you want them to, you become more successful in things you wanted to be good at… It just works. If you would like to be more positive, start consciously thinking about things in a more positive light. Change is always up to us, no one else. Key to this is to surround yourself with people that believe in you and that you can learn from – people that you would like to be like.

Gelato. Nothing beats the original Italian gelato ice cream. I literally got allergic to dairy by working in an ice cream bar one summer!!

Next time it's time for H-N! :)

Trousers: G2000   Top: GG5   Shoes:   Fausto Zanetti   Bag: Blush B-lush   Necklace: Finland

X Ang Moh Chick 

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