Sunday, December 22, 2013

Life is Like a Bridge

I love bridges. They unite two things; the beginning and the end; the old and the new; two different times; two worlds; two hearts. 

Bridges are often used as symbols and many bridges around the world are famous. They often carry a history, and many of them offer a great view. A view over life itself. Life is like a bridge - more important than the destination is the trip, the view from that bridge. If only people would remember this in their everyday lives... It's so easily forgotten, lightly pushed aside from more important things, things that are urgent, goals that can bring us power, money and success. Now is the word of today.

People tend to rush towards the end, their goal, as fast as possible, no time to waste, time is money, I don't have time for this now, another time I'm too busy, this is more important. But what is more important than this moment right now? What are we rushing for? 

What is more important than taking a moment to breath, asking how was your partner's day, reading a story to your child, focusing on that cup of tea or cinnamon cookie, closing your eyes, dreaming

Enjoying the trip, your view, from your bridge.

Dress: Thailand   Shoes: Aldo   Bag: Grandmother's old   Necklace: Chanel

X Ang Moh Chick

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