Sunday, December 1, 2013

1st of December and Tips for a Christmas Feeling

Here it is - December! It's my first time ever to spend Christmas abroad, and I must say that I'm missing the Christmas feeling of Finland. The lights in the dark, candles, music, snow, crispy cold days, excitement in the air, happy faces, present planning, and of course all of the gorgeous Finnish Christmas dishes!! 

In Finland, Christmas is celebrated on the Eve, 24th. In the morning we wake up late for Christmas porridge made by boiling porridge rice (bigger, thicker rice) in thick milk. The porridge is enjoyed with plum soup or cinnamon and sugar. In the evening the true fest begins! Mashed potato, carrot and rutabaga casserole, pork or turkey, beet/carrot/pickle salad, smoked fish, bread spiced with syrup and raisins, glögi (a hot spicy sweet drink with or without alcohol)... My favourite is the smoked salmon; I could eat it every day!!

Well, so now that I will be spending my Christmas with palm trees, I have to use a bit of imagination to get myself in the mood. I'm actually planning on making some Finnish dishes on the Eve. I won't be able to make the exact versions but something similar anyways. Singaporeans overall don't usually celebrate Christmas to that extend as Finns but there are Christmas songs playing in shopping malls and some very very tacky huge Christmas trees here and there :D

Here are a few things that get me on the mood despite the tropical weather:

1. Christmas decorations

I took some photos of tasteful Christmas decorations that were sold at a shopping mall. Looking at these doesn't make you feel like it's summer outside right? ;)

2. Christmassy foods and drinks

For me the taste of cinnamon in hot drinks also brings back the feeling of Finland and winter time. So I sprinkle some cinnamon on my sweet drinks and foods every now and then to feel like it's winter ;)

3. Christmas ideas and presents

Planning for what to get to your loved ones is a fun way to get into the Christmas mood whether it's snowing outside or you are planning to head to the beach. I think that the thought is always the most important when it comes to gifts and I can immediately see if the gift giver has spent time thinking that this present will make me happy. As for relationships, I usually go for something romantic that makes my husband feel like the gift is specifically for him. 

Here is one example of something cheap but nice that I got him during the time that we were physically apart. A key chain with our photos in it. As you can see it's been used a lot! :)

4. Pre-Christmas Parties

I love parties! And pre-Chistmas parties are usually among the funniest ones as people are on a great mood, love is in the air  - and glögi warming up the socks doesn't hurt ;)

I like how people are dressing up in an unusual way and usually trying out something more daring! These parties are sort of giving people an excuse to be a bit wilder with the outfit and make up. I attended one blogger event arranged by Nuffnang and hosted by Chic Kiss Love where a make up artist from ProAcademy gave us some good make up tips. Here are my more daring party-lips :D

Have a great time waiting for the Christmas. If you have some more good tips to add I would be happy to hear! :)

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Heippa!

    Ihana, iloinen, kupliva ja positiivinen blogi!

    Tosi kiva kun viestittelit minulle blogiini! Ja siis sori, en yhtään tajunnut, että olet varmastikin siis suomalainen? Kuten minäkin :) Jos et ole niin sitten et kyllä tajua tästä papatuksestani yhtikäs mitään.. ;)

    Oikein iloista talven jatkoa ja "täällä" nähdään!

    Haliterkuin, Mia

  2. Eikun tietystikin, nyt huomasin että sivupalkissasi lukee että olet suomalainen :) Siis melko suurella todennäköisyydellä ymmärrät sekavat viestini, hihi!

  3. Hih juu kyllä Suomesta ollaan ;) Nähdään täällä siis! x


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