Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello readers!

I started this blog in the attempt to make both of our days, yours and mine, better, happier, more relaxed, and to share my thoughts and experiences of life. I focus on things close to my heart which make me happy, such as good food, fashion and new experiences. This blog is about whole wellbeing, and this means happiness, love, nutrition; mental and physical health all in a balanced package. This blog isn’t about the extremes, but about finding the balance in everything and learning to enjoy the small beautiful things in life.

I was born in the mid 80’s in Finland and I’m married to a Singaporean Chinese. I moved to Singapore early this year, and this blog is about my thoughts and experiences of a life here with western spices. I like thunder storms and heavy rain (not when I’m outside!), Finnish food, blueberries, liqorice tea, adrenaline rushes, animals (especially dogs, horses, pandas, turtles, my cats... ok all animals except for insects!), traveling, Italian cheeses, flee markets, starting a new project, shopping and spoiling myself. I dislike long flights between Helsinki and Singapore, days that feel wasted, fat free cheese, rooibos tea, carrying stuff, people who answer to texts two days late, wet shoes, messy hair and broken nails.

Soon coming posts will include the following: 1) An introduction to a 10-minute morning/evening yoga that you can easily do at home before/after work. The idea is to wake up gently and prepare your mind for work in the morning, and/or to relax and empty your mind after work. 2) A super quick and easy healthier (not too healthy!) DIY sweets recipe I’m in love with, 3) Tips of how to unwind during the weekend, 4) A tourist's tour in Singapore, and the way I see my new home country, and lots of My Look of the Day pics. For me fashion is about self expression and a way to easily cheer up and have a brighter day! In the future I will also be doing reviews about different products I use in the health and beauty departments. Stay tuned ;)! I'm hoping this blog will open new doors for me and give me a chance to capture my memories and spread the joy of life, thus make me and my readers happier!

I hope that you enjoy and please do let me know what you would like to read about!

X Ang Moh Chick

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