Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Get some sun!

I know many Asians don’t really want to get tanned and there are also a lot of warnings about the harm that excessive tanning can cause... BUT tanning is only dangerous if you burn yourself or constantly keep tanning without sunscreen. 

In fact, there are numerous benefits from the sun! Sun is the reason there is life on earth, and sun has a positive effect on health. In countries where sun shines most of the year regularly (unlike in Finland!) people get flus less often and there is also less osteoporosis among the population. Vitamin D from the sun is super important for a healthy immune system, and exposing yourself to sun even 10-15 minutes can store up your daily vitamin D! In Finland when it got darker during the winter months, I always took vitamin D regularly as a supplement too. And I can tell you that, in fact, I did get sick less often! Even in Singapore I use a supplement on days that are rainy or when I’m too busy to get out in the sun for a while. Naturally the ´real thing´ from sun itself can’t be beaten.

In addition, sun has a great effect on mood; I can honestly tell you that in Singapore, I’ve felt less tired during mornings. The people are just looking at me like a weirdo walking outside the shelters while many women hold an umbrella over themselves on a sunny day ;)...

Of course if you spend a lot of time outside, remember to drink enough and use sunscreen.
I gotta go now, have some sun to catch! ;)

X Ang Moh Chick


  1. Ang Moh Chick! Your skin type is completely different. What works for you will not work for Asians, Indians or others.
    Your skin has lesser melanin and therefore you got to tan a lot to stay healthy.
    Asians/Indians have adequate melanin in their skin, more tanning worsens the skin condition.

    1. Hi Naresh! Thanks for your comment :) I completely agree on both that the skin type that I have is different from Asian and also that excessive tanning is not recommended for anyone. However, as I wrote in my post, being exposed to sun for 10-15 minutes daily is good also for Asians. Within only a few minutes you won't get burned or your skin won't be harmed but you will get your daily essential vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is common among people with darker skin color such as South Asians. Also, darker skin type is much less prone to burn easily.


  2. You are European by descent, your skin has lesser melanin than Asians/Indians. When you tan, it helps you stay healthy. Not the same for Indians/Asians.


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